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Get JCPenney women’s clothing for a good new look. It’s a funny thing. The pieces that are used the most in my wardrobe are probably the ones that I share the least around here. There is great pressure as a creator in any sector to initiate and facilitate fashion trends. At every change of season, I’m torn between creating content that’s trending at the moment to boost my stats and staying true to my own fashion sense with neutral, basic, and cozy casual outfits.

Most of the time, I stay true to my own style and only share the things I really love and wear, but some heroes in my closet haven’t had time to shine. Let’s give them a moment, okay?

J.Crew Chelsea Rain Boots

I wear them outside working in the garden and they are the perfect wrap-around garden shoe. They are hosed down, very comfortable, not too hot or heavy.

I bought these at J.Crew Factory for less than $40, currently only $38. Fits true to size

TOMS Sicily Sandals

I use them every day in the summer for the last 2 summers. I’m not kidding. They are my favorites, they go with everything, so comfortable, summer sandals and I wear them ad nauseam.

It is worth every penny and I will buy it again when mine falls apart. Find them at Nordstrom.

Nest shims

What would work-from-home life be like without a solid pair of leggings? I can’t say enough good things about Aerie’s tights; actually, all of her clothes are really good. I always buy black leggings and these are my favorite by far.

Shein Straight Leg Jeans

I honestly don’t think I’d buy anything from that website anymore, but a couple of years ago I wanted to try the straight-leg jean trend without spending a lot of money, and to be honest, I still buy these jeans a lot. I think they no longer have the exact pair, but these are similar. Purchase at your own risk on this website.

Second-hand denim shorts

My favorite pair of denim shorts are from a thrift store. I bought these years ago for maybe $4 and they are the ones I always look for if I wear shorts. Don’t underestimate the power of a good second-hand pair of jeans.

Aritzia Sweatshirt

Think of the most comfortable garment you have and then double it. That is the comfort level of my Aritzia sweatshirt. It’s so good and I wear it year-round with everything from skirts to leggings.

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