Home Decoration and Its Uses

Home Decoration and Its Uses

For some, the prospect of redecorating their home sparks creativity and excitement. But I would say that for most of us, it can be daunting! Where do you start? How do you visualize a hundred different items in your mind before you spend your credit card and pray that you like the result?

Whether I feel like moving forward with a new design or giving an existing look a twist, there are always a few questions I like to ask myself before diving into a redecorating project. Making these decisions involves being honest about how you will live in the space, being clear about the budget you want to stick to, and deciding on the main design elements you want to highlight.

Most importantly, redecorating your home doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money.
It’s more about prioritizing, trusting your vision, and remember that there are no RIGHT answers, only options.

Am I being honest with myself about how I really live?

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Asking this question will help you consider the materials, fabrics, patterns, and other design elements that will work best for you. Let’s say you love the look of cement tile but hate dirty floors. Knowing how materials work overtime sometimes means letting go of something you love in favor of something you can live with. Case in point: the cement tile kitchen floor in our first house. From the moment it was installed, it looked fantastic. We eventually spent thousands to remove it, only after spending thousands to install it.

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So be sure to consider the lifestyle that you (and everyone else in your household) live. What are the elements that will make your daily life easier? What are the things you can live without? This includes types of furniture, fabrics, and decor. It’s also important to consider other elements of your lifestyle as a way to inform your interior design preferences.

Are you rough with your clothes and shoes? It’s best to choose an upholstery fabric that hides stains and stands up to heavy use.

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Are you constantly changing your accessories for a new look? Spend money on basic furniture in classic colors (navy blue, dark green, gray) and look for smaller decor pieces at thrift stores.

When you know how you live and how you treat things, you can stop focusing solely on what you want, and instead focus on finding what you love and what works for your lifestyle.

Am I okay with moving slowly, based on things like budget, shipping times, etc.?

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Very few people have the budget to do gut remodeling, so agreeing to go a little slower is often part of the process. Having the patience to be open to an extended timeline can also save you some money in the long run. Another benefit of slowing down? There’s room to make adjustments on the fly, and not as much pressure to get things “right” right away.

Do your best not to rush through the process. As you answer the following questions and get to the root of your personal style, begin to make a list of what you want to address in the space and rank it in terms of priority. One step at a time friends.

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