Trying to find the perfect foundation for dry skin can be a downright debacle. There’s fine lines to think about, as well as less than fine lines, not to mention textured spots. You also have to consider foundation formulation – you don’t want it too thick, but you’d like it to cover something, and glowy sparkles are out of the question, because those things love sticking to flaky skin and creating a disco ball on the areas we’re trying to hide.

So what foundations are kind to dry skin? We’ve rounded up four of the best that the Beauty Review community have tried, reviewed and loved, giving them the coveted Top Rated badge of approval. And, to top if off, we’ve put together four fantastic tips to ensure a beautiful application every time! 

Tip One: Before applying foundation you need to prep your base. This means cleansing your skin, perhaps exfoliating if your skin is flaking, then applying a hydrating serum followed by a moisturiser. Bonus tip: let your skincare settle in for a good ten to twenty minutes before moving onto the makeup.

Tip Two: Some say that you don’t need to prime if you use a good enough moisturiser. Some would be right. However, I’m a believer that when it comes to dry skin, more is more. So find yourself a good hydrating primer and apply that to your skin. Once again, let it sit for a while so that you avoid pilling of product.

Tip Three: Easy does it. While it’s tempting to go for the full coverage fantasy, caked on foundation will only emphasise fine lines and wrinkles and any texture on your skin. You’re better off to lightly apply your foundation and just add a little more coverage in the areas where you need it with a hydrating concealer. And be sure, when you’re applying your foundation, to go gently and apply it using a downward motion so as not to create any new flaky patches or fluff up any face fuzz.

Tip Four: This is not a case of spray then walk away. Once you’ve finished your makeup (cream products for the win on dry skin!), give it a spritz with a hydrating finishing spray, then keep the mist on hand and refresh yourself whenever you see your skin start to look dehydrated.

And there you have it – four fab foundation and four fantastic tips to help you make the most of them!

So, my dry skinned darlings, do you have a favourite foundation that you swear by for making your dry skin delightful? And what are your tips and tricks for applying foundation? Get chatting below!